The Motivating Your Homeschooler Toolkit

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Why won't my homeschooler just do the work I ask them to?

Use this remarkable set of tools for all the strategies you'll ever need to help motivate your child.

This toolkit is for you, if you find yourself questions like these:

  • Why is it so difficult to get my child to do their school work?

  • Why can’t they just get over this rebelliousness and do what I ask? It’s not much and I know they’re capable!

  • Are my kids spoiled?

  • Am I doing something wrong?

  • Are my kids going to turn out okay?

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Find out how to motivate your homeschooled children.

A full suite of strategies from a seasoned teacher, for a great price.


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You are not alone if you find it hard to motivate your homeschooler!

Let’s be real. We all struggle with motivation from time to time! Children are no different.  This is our opportunity to teach them the mindset they need to succeed in life. Motivation is a life skill. Learning how to show up when you feel under motivated is an important part of your child’s education which will serve them for years to come.

It is hard to show up for things you find difficult or just plain don’t want to do... but sometimes you have to do it anyway.

After loads of research, and trying everything, including adapting classroom management techniques from my time as a teacher, I have finally decided to share what I know.  I thought others could benefit from what I’ve learned the hard way, which is why I’ve put together the Motivating Your Homeschooler Toolkit. It’s absolutely loaded with practical and lasting solutions to ongoing motivation problems in a printable, easy to use format. 

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The toolkit contains five tools to help you navigate your child’s lack of motivation. These tools are:

  1. Checklists
  2. Creative planning
  3. Balance control
  4. Mindset reset
  5. Adjusting expectations
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This toolkit is completely practical, and easy to implement right away!

Pick the tool that seems to best fit your family. Try it using the done-for-you templates and worksheets that you can print and use immediately.

If it works, great! You’ve found a technique that works for your kids! If it doesn’t work this time, try one of the other strategies.

As we know, one size does not fit all, and no tool will work for everyone. With five different techniques, all presented in a detailed but easy to understand and implement way, there’s bound to be multiple ones that function for you and your homeschooler(s). What we find with our kids is that different techniques also work differently with the same child at different development stages!

Each tool also has a few related activities you can try, and printables to help implement it successfully in your family. The strategies presented are open ended, and aren’t just useful for your children – you can implement them for yourself too!

I made this Toolkit because it’s something I wish I’d had years ago.

I wish I had a resource to refer to when I was struggling with motivating my kids. Something that was encouraging, but also with a ‘nuts and bolts’ approach. The last thing we need to do as homeschooling teachers is reinvent the wheel – we have enough to do already!

Start fresh with a new and motivational approach today!

Empower yourself to empower your child.


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Proven techniques
5 motivation methods, with full details on how to implement them 

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8 Original Printables
Worksheets and reference materials that help implement the techniques

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Downloadable PDF
Download and keep forever just minutes after check-out

A full suite of strategies from a seasoned teacher, for a great price.
Empower yourself to empower your child.

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About the Toolkit Author

Julie Walter has been teaching for over 16 years in the elementary school system. She has taught everything from Kindergarten to Grade 8. Her expertise is in special education, with experience in being a special education teacher for a school, working at a specialized school for children with Learning Disabilities and as a teacher for students identified as Gifted.

Julie has also homeschooled her three children from the start. Her unique experience of working in the classroom and homeschooling in tandem has given her a lot of insight into how these two forms of education are similar and different.

In this course, she brings her knowledge of both forms of education forward, combining the best of both worlds.

Customer Reviews

This kit has so much information and so many practical ideas! I feel empowered! I'm excited to use the "Learning Wins" worksheet too. Everything shared in this kit is meaningful and manageable. Thank you!
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Rachel K.
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Having specific strategies to try made me feel productive; and then trying new ones if those didn't work!
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Tara B.

Just $57

It’s a great price for 30 pages loaded with all the information you’ll need to get your kids motivated for their learning adventure. 

Motivate your kids today.

Empower yourself to empower your child.

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