The Journey

Inner Permaculture / Monday, October 6th, 2014

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Family life is beautiful and wonderfully complicated.  As we fill our days with general busyness, I often lose track of the small progressions we are making.  It is easy for me to feel like I am not doing enough, or should be doing this or that differently.  I often forget that the small and slow actions our family is taking are still worth something…that they are in fact the solution!  When you’re in the trenches of daily life with little ones, somehow life doesn’t seem so slow.  The routines of mealtimes, toileting, and sleep prevail, and it feels as though I’m having little lasting impact.  I must remind myself that it is this very work, the raising of children, that gives me hope for a positive future.  Hopefully my musings will bring focus to this journey; allowing me to enjoy the ride.  I want to be able to observe and interact with what fills our days, bringing my actions more in line with what my heart calls for me to do.  And so it begins…

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