The Irises are Starting to Open

Create Vision and Respond to Change, Earth Care, Fair Share, Integrate, Don't Segregate, Make No Waste, Obtain a Yield, People Care, Permaculture Ethics, Permaculture Principles, Self-Regulate and Accept Feedback / Thursday, July 9th, 2020

How easy it is to turn a blind eye.  To pretend that driving our cars to work is not killing the planet, to believe that our single-use plastics are not polluting the oceans, to create falsehoods around our privilege and turn a blind eye to inequalities within our societies.  The irises are starting to open.  Rich and deep in hue, they are pulling focus on impact. 

Our recent lives in isolation have alleviated some of our environmental impact on the planet and given us the platform to see inequality play out on our screens. We have lightened the load on our mother allowing her to breathe for a moment, perhaps catching a moment of rest as she calls attention to that which we can no longer ignore.  Sometimes parents have to say no to their children in order to practice self-care.  Deeply over-taxed by relentless giving, our mother is showing up for herself and by doing so, she is showing up for us.  

While we, the children whine at her feet, tantruming for what we want; for things to remain as they were and for us to remain spoiled and the centre of attention.  What feels true is that things have gone too far and our mother has put her foot down.  Slammed it down like a portcullis on our gateways to normal.  She has been speaking for a long while now, but we haven’t been able to hear, for our own fury has drowned out her words.  We are caught in our toiling with fight, flight and freeze.  We wrangle between the three, resisting, fleeing to the corners of what feels like comfort and finding we are listless in transit to something we do not wish to want.  

There is power in this journey; in this collision with boundaries and by the limitations of our circumstance and our mindsets.  Are we able to realize what illusionary boundaries we have created for ourselves?  Can we see our self-imposed chains? 

Perhaps this is the time we can adjust the attitudes we have toward our perception of unmet expectations so we can lay anger to rest and realign with love. Each small imperfect act of love draws us closer to the world we are longing for. One which is sustainable and sustaining for us all. Love is not easy, nor is it always pretty. Love is vulnerability. The time to be a warrior of love is now.

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