The Blessing of Being

Earth Care, From Pattern to Details, Inner Permaculture, Permaculture Ethics, Permaculture Principles, Self-Regulate and Accept Feedback, Use and Value Gifts from Nature / Thursday, November 27th, 2014

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I heard recently that the site where the events of Chernobyl’s nuclear meltdown unfolded were predicted to remain barren for a long time.  But with the absence of people’s influence, the site has regenerated itself despite the radiation.  Scientists are astounded at the amount of wildlife and plant growth on the site.  As a result of the resurgence of life, the radiation levels have decreased significantly as well.  A sure sign that mother nature knows what she’s doing!

Nature is full of gifts.  It is a gift giving system, delivering presents in the form of life.  How blessed we are to be part of this.  Our lack of understanding of natural systems has allowed humans grow the belief that we are more important than the rest of nature.  To the extent that we believe we can control it.  When I stop to think about how insignificant we are in the scope of the universe my heart begins to ache.  We are on one planet, which happens to be placed in space at the perfect distance from our sun to allow life to flourish.  It floats in one galaxy of which there are billions.  Add to that, that our universe is continuing to expand, and it seems silly to think of ourselves with any importance at all.  Somehow we have become ignorant to the fact that our species is at stake in the face of our global environmental situation.  Our human existence is but a tiny blip on the timeline of the universe.

Mother Earth repairs herself.  It is beginning to become clear that she is aching to heal herself from human inflicted damage. Earth will continue without us.  Life will continue without our presence.  In fact, Earth would probably would do better without us, like at Chernobyl.

So on this day where so many are giving thanks…I wish to offer thanks for being.

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  1. Lovely write up thank you. When I think of how insignificant we are in face of the universe, when I look at the sky, when I see a simulation of how minute the earth is in the vast and expanding universe, I often wonder – do we exist at all! We are but a breath, we are so fleeting, the earth even is only the smallest speck in the universe. It is too much for the mind to take in, but it sure can help put things into perspective for us.

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