Manifesto of Possibility

Create Vision and Respond to Change, Earth Care, Fair Share, From Pattern to Details, Observe and Interact, People Care, Permaculture Ethics, Permaculture Principles, Self-Regulate and Accept Feedback, Use and Value Gifts from Nature

Beneath the greatest of mountains there is the same structure of matter.  All matter being comprised of the same basic elements.  How amazing to be able to look around and witness the diversity and abundance made possible by the tiniest of particles.  What whispers of truth ride on a spark?  Or hints of purpose rest […]

June 17, 2015

Driving Forces

Consumerism, Create Vision and Respond to Change, Integrate, Don't Segregate, Make No Waste, Obtain a Yield, Permaculture for Children, Permaculture Principles

The minivan wove down the entangled road toward a new experience.  It hurried us through space, in order to reach a destination not possible on foot in the time available for travel before sunset.  The dust curled up from the gravel road announcing the impact of the metal behemoth against the earth. The blessing of […]

June 4, 2015