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Family Yields is dedicated to using the natural world to inform our family systems.  The goal is to create a connected, joyful and abundant home life.  I believe that if we wish to change the world, we must begin in our home.

Sometimes all we need is a new perspective to make the necessary shifts to bring our lives into alignment. Making space for long term planning helps us find our way through every day decisions with ease.  There are so many distractions in our modern world, that setting a path of intention makes a huge difference to our destination.

By setting intentions for ourselves and our family life, we give ourselves a map which can guide the details of our lives. I would love to help root your family in your own vision by supporting your wise inner-expert. When we can get clear about where we are headed, fear can take a back seat to our conviction. Each choice we make has the potential to align our lives with our vision for our life.

You deserve to be seen for the individual you are and receive support and coaching for your journey. I want nothing more than to help support you and your family. 

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Family Yields Parent Coaching is a one on one support model designed to support your specific needs.  The coaching experience differs from counselling, since we will work collaboratively as a team to bring balance back to your family life. You are not alone. 

Working objectively with a parent coach can help to bring clarity to what it is you desire for your family and yourself.  Once you have a destination in mind, we will create the map of how to get there together and I’ll cheer you on along the way!  Whether the road is winding or direct, my goal is to support you on your journey.  

Our partnership will support you the best if you want:

  • to move more fully into respectful and gentle parenting methods
  • practical solutions to parenting struggles that fit with your lifestyle and values
  • a deeper understanding of how your current family systems are working
  • support to nurture your inner child to recognize and work through your triggers
  • more connection and stronger relationships with your children 
  • more confidence in your parenting decisions
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Working with a homeschool coach who has experience unschooling as well as working as a teacher in the public education system will help to bring clarity to many homeschooling questions and fears.  There are many ways to educate a child.  My goal is to help you feel confident that you’re making the right educational choices for your family.  

 Our partnership will support you the best if you want:

  • to know more about homeschooling and how it compares to traditional education
  • inspiration and encouragement for your homeschooling journey
  • reassurance that your child is ‘keeping up’ academically, socially or emotionally
  • assistance with academic planning, finding a homeschooling rhythm and/or resources 
  • delight-filled homeschooling full of integrated family learning adventures
  • support for homeschooling a Gifted or 2e (twice exceptional) student who is learning asynchronously

I love to seek solutions in collaboration with others!  Let’s work together to help your family life become a dynamic system full of everything you love and value.

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This coaching service is for those who feel like they would like to live more in line with their values but aren’t sure how to do it.  Perhaps you’ve tried many things, but can’t quite get new habits to stick or feel like you can never make it to the place of breaking through.  

 Our partnership will support you the best if you want:

  • clarity on what it is you actually want for yourself and your family
  • confidence in your ability to make meaningful change in your life
  • boundary setting in order to focus on what really matters
  • support for a time of transition in your life
  • tools and exercises to keep you in alignment with your own inner wisdom
  • accountability for the things in your life you would like to commit to

I live for helping people realize the lifestyle of their dreams.  It is possible. I want to work with you to fill your life with everything you love and value.

Are you ready to get take the next step?

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Your session will be used to discuss any topics that are relevant to your family’s journey, whether they are parenting concerns, homeschooling concerns or both. Each session will be based on your needs, whether they are long term, or more immediate concerns.  Our live sessions will focus on action planning to find solutions. 


Initial Consultation – $160 (required for new clients)

Our first two sessions will be important to begin our partnership give us a good foundation of understanding for future sessions.  Following your initial consultation sessions, you can choose what type of support will work best for you.


  • Intake forms, including a family values assessment
  • Two one-hour sessions
  • Consultation by phone or video conference call
  • A follow-up email for each session, including details of the coaching session and any additional resources that were discussed.

1-Hour Follow-up Consultation – $85

This option offers the time to gain more depth and breadth in one session.  We will connect in advance of the session to ensure we are using every possible minute of our session for practical action planning.


  • Diagnostic email
  • One-hour consultation by phone or video conference call
  • A follow-up email for each session, including details of the coaching session and any additional resources that were discussed.

4 x 30-Minute Check-in Consultations – $120

These sessions are best for long-term planning and coaching.  We will be able to create a continuity in your coaching journey through repeated shorter sessions.


  • Four thirty-minute check-in consultations that are scheduled at regular intervals 
  • Consultation by phone or video conference call
  • A follow-up email for each session, including details of the coaching session and any additional resources that were discussed.

This could be the start of something exciting for you and your family. Take the next step toward the life you dream of living together by scheduling your private consultation today.

"Julie has a different perspective; she focuses on the child as part of a family unit, and on peeling away the layers of that family unit, and the family attachments that might affect the child’s challenging behaviours. It wasn’t about shaming the child’s behaviours and putting all the focus and blame on those behaviours, it was about feeling empathy and love towards why those behaviours were presenting themselves and taking responsibility for them as a parent."
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Tara B.
Homeschooling Parent

I can’t wait to work with you!