Seasons of Consciousness Raising

Choose Small and Slow Solutions, Create Vision and Respond to Change, From Pattern to Details, Inner Permaculture, Permaculture Principles, Use and Value Gifts from Nature / Thursday, March 26th, 2015

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As I was driving this morning in the rain, I was thinking of how ‘dreary’ Spring can be.  For a season which bears such abundance, why is it that I perceive it as so messy?

Immediately following this thought, I had the idea that when I raise consciousness on an issue, it goes from dormancy (Winter), through a very messy period (Spring), grows into new understandings (Summer), finishing finally with the letting go of old paradigms (Fall).  This cycle continues, bringing dormant thoughts into the light for messy growth toward beauty and change.  The seasons edge into each other.  Sometimes they shift suddenly, and other times they blend together so I’m not too clear on where one ended at the next began.  They are natures pattern of growth.

Suddenly the mess of spring – both inside and out, just became a whole lot more beautiful to me!

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