Manifesto of Possibility

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Beneath the greatest of mountains there is the same structure of matter.  All matter being comprised of the same basic elements.  How amazing to be able to look around and witness the diversity and abundance made possible by the tiniest of particles.  What whispers of truth ride on a spark?  Or hints of purpose rest in the soil?  How does thought float in the breeze?  Or a glint of change caress a droplet of water?

By some miracle that which is beyond the realm of measurable science arrives on the wings of the elements.  How is it possible for consciousness to arise from Earth, Air, Fire, and Water?  Or is it perhaps that they embody their own version of consciousness?  How else could they arrange and rearrange form form to form, pushing into few forms, reforming and now deforming.

The elements have it figured out.  They respond to the state of our world as cancerous tumors.  They are delivered as warning signs and cries for help.  The element speak through their manifestations – and currently they’re retreating.  The wind gusts too strong and dusts our air.  The fires of the sun burn too hot wiping out once fertile land.  Our soils are depleted, mineral and nutrient deficient.  We have drought riddled lands, representing dehydration of more than just the soil.  The elements are mixed up – but with such determination that it seems it is the reader rather than the writer who is lost.  There are messages in their destruction.  The elements are speaking up in their form of language.  They are calling out to be heard.  Their cries for attention are getting louder and more intense the longer they are unmet.

The language of the elements is so very clear and succint.  We humans think we’ve got it all figured out because we’ve got our own secret languages and preoccupation with pursuit of knowledge.  But there really isn’t any room for improvement.  Our attempts to clarify and expand on what nature offers have only convoluted matters.  At the end of this long, mostly one sided conversation, the outcome is already clear.  The elements will remain elements.  Their manifestations will return to their original elemental forms when they no longer serve this planet.  Humans are also mere manifestations of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.  Let us recognize ourselves as such in order to awaken to our own possibilities brought forth by the elements.  Let us awaken our potential – we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

5 Replies to “Manifesto of Possibility”

      1. Ever since I’ve watched it, when I feel sad about what is happening to the earth, I think of us as a skin rash and it makes me feel better. Thank you for enjoying.

        1. Yes, I liked that part too, ‘Mother Earth can take it’ – as we really are nothing to Her. But sitting in that perspective to me feels self-defeating. I prefer to honour those feelings then move on to take the stance of empowerment. I want to move toward making a regenerative impact on the earth. I have active hope for the possibility that human talent and gifts could create a lasting positive impact too…

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