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Many complicated problems can be solved by getting clear on what the actual issues are an applying creative thinking to finding appropriate solutions. You have already done the work of clarifying the problems, now let’s take a look at whether or not creative solutions can be found for them.

Begin with today’s challenge video, which contains an exercise for you to complete.

Take some time now to complete your chart by brainstorming as many solutions as possible.

Are you going to homeschool your child?

Still not sure? Spend some time journalling about this decision now.

If you choose to homeschool…

What supports do you need in place in order to succeed with your homeschool journey?

Would guidance from a seasoned teacher and homeschooler be helpful? If so, check out the information below about The Homeschool Empowerment Course.

Start designing a homeschool program that fits your family today!

Empower yourself to empower your child.

Why take this course?

It will walk you through how and where to start with designing a homeschooling program that fits your family values.

The Homeschool Empowerment Course does not tell you what to do, instead it teaches you how to design a homeschool program that works for your and your family. It serves as a guide for quelling your fears and establishing your educational priorities in order to homeschool with confidence.

What You Will Learn:

  • What homeschooling can look like
  • How to overcome feelings of inadequacy as your child’s teacher
  • The difference between school and homeschool
  • The pros and cons of school
  • The pros and cons of homeschool
  • How to deal with changes in your child’s education
  • Types of homeschooling
  • How to deal with fear of not keeping up academically
  • How to cover the academic basics
  • Teaching something to your child you don’t know yourself
  • Ways to enjoy your child’s learning
  • How to restore a love of learning in your child
  • How to select a curriculum for your child
  • The names of recommended curriculums and where to find more information
  • How to individualize learning for your child
  • Why you need to listen to your child to educate them well
  • Where to find appropriate resources
  • How to utilize choices in your homeschooling
  • How to utilize choices in your homeschooling
  • How to recognize the learning your child is doing
  • What homeschool socialization looks like
  • Ways to cultivate a rich social environment for your child
  • How to build community
  • Where to find support
  • What to do about the opinions of others
  • How to set up your homeschooling space
  • Ways to establish an effective homeschooling routine
  • How to do long-range planning
  • Ways to keep your child accountable for their learning
  • What reasonable expectations look like
  • How to respond to change in your homeschooling
  • Using patience as your secret weapon
  • Why self-care matters and what to do about it
  • How self-compassion benefits your homeschooling
  • Setting and maintaining boundaries


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