Uncategorized / Sunday, March 20th, 2022

It doesn’t serve the decision making process to sit in a place of fear. We need to look at whether the fear is solvable, and what that might look like to decide if a fear can be mitigated or not.

Watch this short video which contains an exercise for you in order to entertain the possibility that lies on the other side of your fears.

Record your top three fears and try to come up with a turn around for each one.

It can be difficult to think of what a turnaround might look like when we can’t see past the problem. After spending some time trying to come up with creative solutions, watch this next video where I walk you through some turnarounds for common fears related to homeschooling.

Reflect back on the fears that you identified on Day 3 of the challenge. Take a critical look at them, and use the game of ‘what’s the worst that could happen’ to check your fears.

Think critically about each fear and decide whether or not each one can be solved or is unsolvable. Indicate each by highlighting or circling them with different colours.

You do not need to have the solutions right now, you just need to identify whether or not this problem could be solved. That is enough information to categorize the fear into solvable or unsolvable.

Sort your fears into those which you think are solvable, and those which are not solvable. What is the dominant trend?