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How I went from
Homeschooling Hopeless to Homeschooling Hero

20th May 2024

Julie Walter | FamilyYields.com

Julie here!

If homeschooling your kids feels overwhelming and difficult, you’ve got to read this. 

I’ve been there, and it’s not a nice place to be, see below how I got out the other side, and what I’ve put together for you. I’ve got your back!

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When I first started homeschooling the oldest of our three kids, there were days (lots of them) where I just couldn’t cope. 

I felt lost and alone. I knew I wanted to homeschool my kids, but it was so different than anything I’d ever done before. I only knew a few other homeschoolers, and they were too busy with their own kids to really take me under their wing, and besides, my version of homeschooling looked different from theirs.

It actually made it worse that my day job was as a classroom teacher! 

I also was becoming increasingly sceptical of how mainstream school systems actually serve our children. But that’s another story!

I consider myself a good teacher, as do my colleagues and supervisors. I felt confident in front of a whole class of kids, but wondered if I could teach at home. Would I get the social part right? How would discipline work? How could I keep the kids on track? What even was the track and where was it heading?

Was I going to mess up my child’s education and burn myself out in the process?

And family and friends weren’t always on board either. 

Some people told horror stories about people they knew who had homeschooled, and later their kids struggled with various problems from drugs to post traumatic stress disorder. 

Other people fretted out loud about some of the things I secretly worried about, like socialization, or hitting academic milestones. 

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But I knew homeschooling was the right choice for us.  As an elementary school teacher with 16 years of experience teaching K-8, special education, as well as being a teacher of gifted students, I knew there were things about schools that weren’t the best fit for our kids. My husband agreed. So we decided to go for it. 

But I was anxious…

I wanted to know how to ‘do it right.’  

I worried about whether my successful teaching career would translate into success with my own kids. It felt so different. I had to be mom and educator.

I knew all the tricks for managing a classroom of 30 students, but those techniques weren’t going to work with my own kids, at least, not without significant modifications. There wasn’t any resource out there that fit my situation. Curriculums were all over the place, but they weren’t really what I needed. 

What I needed was a life preserver, because I felt like I was drowning!

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I wanted to know how homeschooling compared to learning in a classroom from the mouth of a professional, but there was nothing like that out there. The irony …I am a professional educator!

So, I figured it out for myself.

Balancing a part-time career as a teacher and homeschooling my own children gave me the chance to live in both worlds simultaneously.  The years I spent teaching at home and school provided me with a lot of practice and insight.

I worked through many of my concerns surrounding education on the industrial-scale, as it happens in most schools, and how to avoid those stumbling blocks when homeschooling my own children.

I tried lots of homeschooling methods, and found what worked for our family.  

I geeked out late into the evenings after the kids were in bed to learn as much as I could from other experts around the world who are doing solid research about homeschooling, parenting, and education in fields from social science to neuroscience.

Now, after years of research and honing skills and techniques, I’m confident as my children’s teacher, and ready to share what I’ve learned.

Want to feel comfortable and confident in your homeschooling? Let Julie show you her processes from the classroom and her homeschool, so you can create a homeschool that fits your family! Learn how.

Now we are living a joyful and integrated homelife, where I feel more in control and relaxed than in a classroom. I am confident my kids are getting the education they need to integrate into society, and we’re also laying groundwork for them to have happy and successful lives in which they get to follow their dreams.

Along with all this comes freedom for our family.  We have established a beautiful life through applying all the research to the real life happening in our home. 

I’m ready to share what I know, are you interested?

I decided to just go for it, and have put together a masterclass called the Homeschooling Empowerment Course. It will help you gain control of your homeschooling journey. It’s an online course packed with videos and worksheets that will leave you feeling empowered as a homeschooling parent. Whether you are brand new to homeschooling, or need a pick-me-up to get you back on track, this course is for you! 

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I’m really excited to share answers to questions like: 

 *How can I balance home, work, and homeschooling?

*How do I gain confidence that my teaching is good enough?

*What would it be like to look forward to the time spent teaching my children?

*What are the secrets that teachers learn in teachers college? 

*How can I start enjoying family life again, without it feeling like a slog of ‘getting through’ everything in a day?

Want to feel comfortable and confident in your homeschooling? Let Julie show you her processes from the classroom and her homeschool, so you can create a homeschool that fits your family! Learn how

This course is for you – your children’s educator. This course will help you develop the mindset of a homeschooler. What you learn can be applied to children of any age right now!

This course is not prescriptive.  It does not tell you which curriculum to buy, but instead gives you all the information you need to make decisions about your homeschooling. 

Presented in a concise way, this course offers you loads of strategies you can choose from so you can design a homeschooling plan that works for you and your family. The course also includes plenty of done-for-you templates for things like developing your family rhythm, long-range plans and an outline for hosting family meetings.

By choosing to homeschool, you are giving your child a gift. Whether it’s because you have firm convictions that don’t fit the school system, or that you can’t afford private school, or because you have health concerns with the current COVID-19 virus, you’ve made a choice that you hope will make your child’s life better (and worry might make yours a bit harder!). The gift you are giving is your time, because you believe it’s better for your child to be homeschooling right now

Now it’s time to invest in supporting yourself, so homeschooling doesn’t feel like a sacrifice, but feels like something you want to say YES to every day.

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Here's what you get in the six part online
Homeschooling Empowerment Course:

Here's the full list of modules you'll get exclusive access to:

  1. Getting to Know Homeschooling – Differences between school-learning and homeschooling. Pros and cons of traditional schooling and homeschooling. 
  2. What Homeschooling Looks Like – Learn about different types of homeschooling, how to teach academic subjects (even if you don’t know the content) and how to restore a love of learning.
  3. Academic Learning – Learn secrets gleaned from teachers college and years of classroom teaching. This is KEY information about how to understand relevant teacher jargon. Also included here are insider tips on how to pick the right curriculums for your children.
  4. Social Emotional Learning – Let my years of experience guide you through this crucial piece of the homeschooling puzzle.  Considering the social/emotional learning of your homeschool is just as important as choosing the right curriculums, if not more so. How to deal with ‘socialization.’
  5. How to Get Your Homeschool Running Smoothly – Get work/life/homeschool balanced out by running things in an efficient way. How to set up a classroom, from the physical space to the long range plan, from someone with years of experience. How to slow down when your child needs it. Homeschooling has its ups and downs – here’s how you deal with them. 
  6. Self-Preservation – Let’s not forget the whole reason you’re taking this course – you’re overwhelmed! (And I’m not saying I never struggle with overwhelm myself – we’re all only human!) This module unlocks techniques that will help you not just cope, but thrive. After all, if you want your child to be at their best, you have to be at your best too. Setting that rock-solid foundation of self-care will help you achieve the family life you have always dreamed of. 
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I’ve priced the Homeschooling Empowerment Course very competitively at just $197 USD.

But right now, because I want as many people to benefit as possible, I’m offering it for just $97 USD

Not sure this is the right course? Worried I’m over-selling just how awesome it is? 

You can count on my 100% money-back guarantee.  If you do the first module and don’t absolutely LOVE it, email me and I’ll process a full refund for you. No strings attached.

Plus, for everyone willing to take the risk and go for it on this course, I’m offering the Motivating Your Homeschooler Toolkit, a $57 USD value, for just $37 USD. Buying this course and adding the Toolkit to your cart is the only way to get this offer, so don’t forget grab this great offer when you checkout on the next page. 

It’s time to get off the fence and go for it. You’ll thank yourself!

Real people speak about their experience:

“Julie’s personal experience set her apart.  I found her to have a different perspective; she focused on the child as part of a family unit.” 

– Tara B.

“Great course so far.  You’re nailing all my fears by verbalizing them.  Feeling like an imposter, underqualified, all that stuff.”

– Rachel B.