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Feeling Done With School But Also Unsure About Homeschooling?

Finally Get Clear About Your Child's Education!

School this past year was a dumpster fire.

Nobody knew what was going on from week to week. Sometimes kids were online, sometimes they were in classrooms. With all the uncertainty came inefficiency, confusion, and by the end, burn-out on all sides.

Kids were doing make-work tasks instead of learning much of anything. The teachers were doing their best, but everyone was thrown into this socially-distanced with zero preparation. Meanwhile, everyone’s mental health was thrown overboard in order to keep the ship afloat.

Watching this year unfold, it has become clear that many aspects of institutionalized education are pretty arbitrary. We send our children to school to learn, not to jump through other people’s hoops.

This year many parents got a first-hand look at a system that is failing – despite the valiant efforts of many teachers and other education workers. But at the end of the day, education should be about serving the child’s learning needs, not sustaining a system that is dysfunctional.

Kids are resilient, and most of them have made it through this storm okay, but a lot of parents have found that this whole crazy situation has really made them want to explore other options for their kids.

One of these options is homeschooling.

You don’t want a repeat of last year, but you’re also not sure if homeschooling could really work for your family. Are you even qualified to homeschool your kids?!

How do you know your kids are going to do well academically if they don’t go to school? Making this leap feels like having blind trust. It is hard to imagine signing up for that much responsibility, let alone that many hours at home with your children! Not to mention that you’re no expert in teaching. The anxiety about ‘falling behind’ is real.

The truth is this: if you have been supporting your child with school-at-home, you’ve already been homeschooling…just in a really broken and stressful way. Trying to work from home while supporting your child’s online learning during a lockdown is nuts. I can assure you that this is not what most homeschooling is like.

For my family, homeschooling represents a viable and thriving alternative to school. A way to grow connection with our children at the same time as meeting their learning needs.

What if you could cut down on the number of hours your child spent doing formal learning tasks so that you have more time to enjoy each other without fights and power struggles? What if you knew how your child was doing without having to wait for a cryptic report card? What if you could select the teacher your child would have, knowing that they would ‘get them?’ What if learning looked a little bit more like enjoying life?

If you are questioning whether or not this is possible, it is. I didn’t believe it at first either.

Having spent 16 years of my life teaching in a classroom, I know the system in and out…and there are always benefits and drawbacks. For me, the drawbacks began to outweigh the benefits, so when I chose  my own children’s education we began to homeschool them alongside my teaching career.

The past 11 years have been eye opening in ways I couldn’t have imagined, as I saw both forms of education play out in tandem. What I know now is that it is possible to create the life you want. It is possible to educate your children effectively at home. It is possible to change the way your days look and feel.

Just imagine having the clarity and conviction that you are making the right decision for your child’s education…

Cue the FREE Should I Homeschool: 5 Day Clarity Challenge!

This challenge will provide you with 5 consecutive days of short, actionable exercises (let’s face it, none of us parents have extra time!). Each day we’ll look at a different aspect of whether or not homeschooling is a good fit for your family…because in all honesty, it isn’t for everyone.

The goal of this challenge is to give you clarity about whether or not this will work for your family. Also, you will be able to ask all your questions to a seasoned classroom teacher with a foot in both camps (that’s me!).

Since making the decision to homeschool our children, we have never looked back. Our life has become more beautiful than we ever could have imagined.

Of course, there is no perfect option…but there is the perfect option for you and your family at this time in your lives. The decision doesn’t have to be final, but it does have to fit your current lifestyle and future goals. The point of this challenge is to guide you through what you need to know to make an informed decision about whether or not to homeschool your kids.

Here’s How This FREE Challenge Works:

Between August 24-28, you will be given a short task to do each day. This will be introduced in a quick video that drops each morning into a private Facebook Group.


Each evening of the challenge I will hop online at 7pm EST to do a Facebook LIVE to unpack the day’s challenge and answer any questions that have come up for you.

This Challenge is filled with tips and tricks, dos and don’ts, and my own personal successes and failures…so you can jump straight to clarity! By the end of the 5 days, you’ll be well on your way to a clear decision for next year.

And, did I mention, it’s FREE?! I want to help you skip over the agony I went through as I made this decision for my family and equip you with what I now know about homeschooling.

September is just weeks away and although recovery from this past year is still very real, this is an optimal time to think through what you do want for next year. 5 days now will save you a summer of frustration over what the fall will look like.

I can’t wait to see you inside the Should I Homeschool Clarity Challenge!

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