Choose Small and Slow Solutions, Create Vision and Respond to Change, Integrate, Don't Segregate, Permaculture Principles, Use and Value Gifts from Nature / Thursday, May 7th, 2015

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How the plants make it look so effortless.  They push with ease thought thick soil and rocks, heavy and compacted from winter’s weighty presence.  Foliage pronounces itself just by being.  There are no grand ceremonies for their change.  They come and fill their full potential just by awakening to the world above the earth.  Not only do they willingly embrace their life’s purpose, but they do so with unabashed determination.  Growing through and around obstacles, they stretch toward the sun.

Trees are not slowed by man made blockades but grow to embrace them instead.  They get to see all four seasons above ground awaken and grow year after year.  They don’t stop to question the process or resist for reasoms of personal overwhelm.  Somehow they call upon their invisible stores of energy to change again, grow again, blossom again, and leaf out again.  How I wish change of self could come so freely.  So naturally.

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