Get Low

Uncategorized / Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

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Fear has a way of shackling our souls – tying us down with invisible tethers.  Finding a way to rise up out of the darkness must happen in small increments.  There are ways to move into it – taking tiny steps toward the light.  Or just tiny steps, walking anyway – moving slowly and gingerly, stabbing at the air even when there is no light.

To be successful we must find a way to bring balance to ourselves, bringing our centre of gravity low against the earth.  Shifting our centre of gravity allows us to feel our way through on all fours.  We can be more centred and toppled less easily.  That way when we inevitably do make contact with the immovable, we may come up against it skillfully so as not to lose our stability to it.

So get low.  Go underground and root.  Find the ways through the darkness.  Through the mess…combat crawling on all fours.  Get low.  The way things are isn’t working.  The point has been made clearly.  Surrender to the chaos and find a way.  In the darkness we can make something. From the roots up we can build what we desire.  The tower is crashing down.  It is time to find shelter.  Get low.

Be one with the earth.  She knows no mess.  Her refuse becomes life – death reborn into fertility.  Send down your roots.  Create what you desire by choosing it.  Fumble in the darkness to feel the obstacles…not with your hands – but with your heart instead.  Echo locate.  Send out love and see what comes back.   If it is not returned, find new shelter.

There is no clarity.  There is no way to plan.  Only by clambering about in the darkness will we learn how to feel our way out.  Creativity cannot be underestimated.  Its full power is unleashed in extreme circumstances.  The way might not be easy, but it is there.  Brace yourself.  Get low.

Get smart and reconnect with your mammalian side.  We know how to do this.  The constructs of humankind have clouded the waters.  But we can remember.  We will remember.  We are being pushed with increasing force toward change.  Toward a destiny we’ll never be ready for.  But we are more prepared that we give ourselves credit for.  Get low.  Touch the earth.  We are earth.  Remember.

Keep moving through the darkness.  Keep looking for the light.  The stillness of paralyzing fear mark you for prey.  Camouflage.  Stagnation also breeds decay.  Find small ways to keep sanity.  Keep moving.  Stay sheltered.  Look for beauty amidst the darkness.  Find the beauty.  Be the beauty…recognizing you already are.

The marks we are making are lasting.  But we get to choose whether they’re marks of destruction or creation.  Both are necessary for change.  Both are needed to move forward.  Find ways to move through the mess.  Get low.  Establish roots.  Connect.  Know when to strike.  Remember.


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