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Choose Small and Slow Solutions, From Pattern to Details, Inner Permaculture, Make No Waste, Obtain a Yield, Permaculture Principles / Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

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I get asked frequently when I find the time to write.  With three little children, there are days where I don’t get to it.  I want to write everyday, but seem to only muster a few posts a week these days.  My secret to writing is that it takes priority over other things.  Things like a tidy kitchen or folded laundry.

“Time is an illusion”

~Albert Einstein

I have grown tired of saying, ‘I didn’t have time for…’  I want to stop procrastinating from living life.  The truth is, I have enough time for whatever is truly important to me.  Time expands to make room for what is.  It is when I make excuses for how I have spent my time that I need to stop and take notice, because in these instances my emotions are signalling that I have not been spending my time wisely.  When I do not spend my time consciously, I find it constricts, becoming more limited.

Like all transitions, I find success coming in waves of conscious priority setting.  I have spent many an evening unconsciously scrolling through social media sites, or reading articles on topics I wouldn’t ordinarily take time for.  I don’t want life to pass me by because I’m passively accepting how my time is spent.  It is too precious.  I don’t want to continue amassing time clutter.  I am working to pare down my days to the essentials, trying hard to set priorities and create space for what really matters to me.  If I’m going to procrastinate from doing the dishes, I would much rather be writing than meandering through an endless supply of websites.  The things I value in life are real.  People, experiences, food, conversation, emotions.  When I have the thought that ‘I don’t have enough time’ for something that has true value, that is my cue to start closely examining the ways in which I am spending my moments.

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  1. I hear you. Instead of To Do lists, I have started drawing up Urgent things on the left side of the paper, and Important on the right side so I have some focus on the Important things, not just the Urgent. As you say, working on the Important things makes me happier than the Urgent things.

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