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Homeschooling can feel lonely,
But you do not have to walk alone

Homeschooling and parenting your children is one thing...

Walking alongside Julie as you grow your family resilience
with her experience homeschooling and in classrooms...
Well, that is quite another!

Get the support and encouragement you need!

The Family Yields Homeschooling Community is for:

Parents new to homeschooling who feel like they could use some direct support with questions and growing their confidence.

Homeschoolers who are feeling overwhelmed or burnt out and aren’t sure what changes to make to bring more balance to their lives.

People who are homeschooling but feel like they aren’t getting it ‘right’ or don’t know how to improve their homeschooling practice.

Those interested in crafting a homeschooling experience that suits their family values and the needs of all family members.

What is included in the Homeschooling Community?

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Live Coaching Calls

You’ll have access to our twice monthly members-only “Live Coaching Calls” where you have access to Julie to answer any homeschooling, parenting or inner work questions you may have. 

Enjoy the security and support of having Julie in your corner LIVE twice every month for advice, support, trouble-shooting and HOT tips…there truly is nothing holding you back from building the balanced family life you desire!

Private Facebook Group

The Family Yields Homeschooling Community Facebook Group is an exclusive private group for those participating in the Homeschooling Community Program. This is the perfect place to discuss concerns, get support and to celebrate the wins!

You’ll make life-long friends and be able to be cheered on in your walk as a homeschooling parent.
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Access to Exclusive Resources

As a Homeschooling Community Member, you’re able to access all of the resources shared within the community for as long as you’re a member!  This includes everything that was shared before you joined too…

Julie loves practical tools, so you’ll have a continually growing library of resources and tools at your fingertips, around the clock. She is also responsive to the needs of the community, so when you need support, she will help you find the answers you need.

Find your people.

Be part of a community that understands and encourages you.

Don't go it alone

Too many homeschoolers embark on this journey alone, trying to sift through hundreds of strategies and build a system on their own. 

As a result of all this trial and error, they end up overwhelmed, frustrated or losing passion or faith in themselves. 

After seeing this happen too many times, Julie decided to create a community for homeschoolers to learn together and gain knowledge and confidence…
All to give you the most supportive and encouraging circle of like-minded homeschoolers!
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Are you ready to take your homeschooling to the next level?

The Family Yields Homeschooling Community has absolutely no locked-in contracts!
You are free to cancel your membership at any time. No hard feelings, no questions asked.
Membership fees are charged monthly, so cancellations take effect at the end of each pay period. No refunds will be given. 

If you do decide to join The Homeschooling Community, it will likely change your homeschooling and life forever.

Ready to revolutionize your homeschooling?

Tired of the feeling stuck and overwhelmed in your homeschooling? 

Ever wish that you could just have focus, direction and clarity so you can spend your time doing the things that matter most to you and your family rather than spinning your wheels?
Imagine an opportunity to have Julie’s support every single month and have access to her knowledge, mentorship, and guidance… 
No more doubt, no more confusion. 
Just the exact steps you need to take from an elementary school teacher who’s been there and practices what she preaches.

Not the right time?

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Not a problem!

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