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In shifting my focus from wanting, pursuit and void filling, I am able to become open to receive.  There is no longer a need for me to follow the well worn consumerist tracks that lead to empty promises.  I am blessed to have the privilege and capacity to experience abundance.  It has more to offer than my limited humanity can understand.  There are depths to giving that cannot be quantified.  How is it possible to continue to give?  Studies have shown that the more we share and give away to others, the happier we are, and the more we have to give.  Mathematical mindsets contest and business as usual prevails.

If all the businesses decided one day that it would be alright to share their surplusses, this world would be a different place.  The hungry would have enough to eat, the homeless a place to sleep, and the thirsty clean water to drink.  Instead we trash food that has been shipped across the planet that is still enjoyably edible.  We heat huge buildings which stand empty and illuminated like towering totems of power.  We bottle water conditioned on the municipality’s coin to ship to stores wrapped in a sheath of plastic.

We have gone so wrong.  Abundance is here – we just fail to see it.  In our efforts to gather in everything we ‘need’ we steal from ourselves.  We take and take leaving no room for regenerative growth.  We have conditioned ourselves to thing we’ll be in peril someday if we let go, live with less, and live generously.  We have come to believe that being self-serving is is necessary for our survival.

Our self-service has become a disservice.  We live in  monolithic homes, stuffed with things we don’t need.  Our desire to own and consume is consuming our potential.  We have created a false abundance based on consumerism that is hollow of meaning and truth.  Abundance is not made in a factory.  The underpaid employees can vouch for that.

Nature can’t help but give.  When I am able to follow her lead, I feel connected to the potential for boundless abundance.  The more we give, the more we have to give.  I’m willing to plant the seeds of generosity and see what yields it has to offer.  I am coming to know abundance as a perspective.  I am growing my trust in it.

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