Welcome to Family Yields

Parenting can be the most amazing journey and bring so much joy…and it can also feel like too much. It can overwhelm and sweep away your best intentions in a moment. On the days that go on forever, it’s hard not to question whether you’re doing it right. 

There are a lot of “experts” out there telling us how we should be parenting our children… but they aren’t there during the meltdown. It’s time to find your own way.

Life will never be perfect, and that’s okay…because it’s not meant to be. But trust me, together we can get you back to the happy, dynamic and vibrant family life you love.

You need solutions now. Ones that work for your family.

Imagine your days filled with freedom, creativity, and laughter. Imagine operating from a place of deep connection to yourself and your family. Imagine living joyfully together, where each family member feels valued and seen.

Imagine feeling confident in your parenting.  Imagine knowing exactly what to do during a meltdown (your child’s and yours too!). Imagine the emotional storms coming and going like the weather. Imagine having radical trust in the stability and shelter of your family.

Imagine falling in love with your family over and over again. 

Parent Coaching

Find balance in family life with a 1:1 coaching partnership

Homeschool Coaching

Grow confidence in your ability to educate your child(ren)

You can have the peaceful days you’ve always wanted.